Megan Leeds, PharmD, BCACP

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Director of Experiential Education

How many years have you been in the Pharmacy field?

Six and a half years.

How many years have you worked at Regis University?

Five and a half years.

What makes the Regis PharmD program the best in the west?

The close-knit nature of the program makes it the best. With our integrated curriculum and Team-Based Learning (TBL), there’s so much interaction between faculty and students. At a larger school, you might get lost in the mix. At Regis, you get to know every one of your classmates and you really get to know the faculty, too. From research projects, to small lab groups, to rotations – there are so many interactions that build students as both professionals and individuals.

What do you love most about working at Regis as part of the PharmD program?

The students and my colleagues. Regis isn’t for everyone, but the students and faculty who choose to be here know the feeling you get when working with like-minded people, caring for others and striving for the best in yourself.

What do you bring to the program that’s unique or influential?

It’s the combination of everyone who works here that makes Regis so special! It’s not one individual or one unique personality that makes Regis great. It’s the friendships and personal relationships with each member of our community.

Explain how your students have made an impact while in the program and after graduation.

Students who get out of their comfort zone can make an impact in our community and within themselves. If you choose a rotation that’s not right around the corner, or a service learning project that might make you uncomfortable, you’ll really understand what Regis is about. Helping rural communities, volunteering at a homeless shelter – there are impactful things that students do every day. Get out of your bubble! Let Regis push you to experience something new and different and you’ll be on the way to a fulfilling career and a better understanding of the world around you.

What positive things have students said to you about the program?

The support from everyone they work with at Regis gets students through a very rigorous curriculum.

How would you articulate the difference you’re making in the medical profession?

I’m ensuring that the next generation of pharmacists are ready to meet the challenging world of health care and uphold the expectations Regis sets for professionalism and patient care.