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Check it off your list

Review your Enrollment Checklist & activate your RegisNet account
as soon as you submit your deposit

You’ve got email! Your RegisNet account will serve as your username and password for all things Regis, so you’ll want to activate that right away. Learn how to activate your account. And check our some other important next steps and resources here and on the page below


Get Facebook Friendly

Join your Cohort’s Facebook Group

Here’s a perk we think you’ll enjoy: your incoming class cohort has a private Facebook group where you can get to know future classmates – or potential roommates – long before classes start. It may not be as exclusive as a secret society, but it’s the perfect way to meet your peers and build some momentum. How do you get in? It’s easy – your admissions counselor will provide your invitation to join the group.

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Connect with peers and pharmacy professionals

Stretch your circle wider.

You did it! You applied and complied. You’ve planned and crammed. Now it’s time to benefit from your new circle of peers by tapping into professional organizations that will deepen your academic experience.  Learn more about pharmacy professional organizations here.


Start off on the right foot

Get Familiar with your Student Handbook

Start off on the right foot by reviewing your Student Handbook. Learn more about academic policies, standards of conduct, educational outcomes, course descriptions, graduation, and more!

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Budget like a boss

Deadline: December – April

Don’t let money get the best of you, or stand in the way of your education. Regis hosts a few “Making PharmD School Affordable” virtual sessions that happen between December and April. You’ll learn about tuition, fees, ways to pay for college and much more. Help is available, so RSVP today.


Investing in your Future

October – April: Apply for Financial Aid

Going to school is a big investment. Why not get a little help along the way? First, we need you to contact your admissions counselor and provide your social security number. It’s a required part of completing financial aid. Then, take a look at our guide for some easy steps to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) here.


Pharmacy Scholarships

October – June: Learn More About Financing Your Future

In addition to the $250,000 in scholarships we award to PharmD candidates each year, learn more about grants, loans and other ways to finance your education here.


Seeing is succeeding

Late April – Early May:
Attend a Student Success Webinar

We want to make sure all of your prerequisites are in order and you’re prepared to make the most of your Doctor of Pharmacy education. Our Student Success virtual webinar covers all those bases. Attendance is mandatory for all incoming students, so don’t miss it! More information to come from your admissions counselor.

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Cover all your bases

June – July: Complete Your Compliance Requirements

Our Compliance Office needs you to complete some important requirements before you take your first class. Some items only take a few minutes, while others require follow-up appointments. All compliance documents MUST be submitted and approved by the deadline. See our checklist and other Compliance FAQs here.


Mark the Date

Deadline: June – early August

All official transcripts and prerequisites are due two weeks prior to starting classes with us.  This is an important one – starting classes at Regis is conditional on ensuring we have all your final transcripts with the necessary prerequisites completed. Click here for full details on where to send your official transcripts and how to complete your prerequisites.


Ensure You’re Insured

June: Ensure You’re Covered

All students who already have their own health insurance must waive the student health insurance option through the Regis University Student Health Insurance plan.  If you are currently without health insurance, you must enroll in the Regis University plan before starting classes.  Click here for more information.


Internship Info

You are eligible to apply for internship positions after starting classes and obtaining an internship license. You will then be issued a letter from Regis stating that you are actively enrolled in the program. To pursue an internship, submit this letter to the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy with your intern application. You can begin earning intern hours as soon as you have an intern license and a number is issued to you.

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There Can Only be One #1

Experience Rocky Mountain Magic

Turns out the Mile-High City is above the rest in more ways than one. Denver receives all kinds of accolades, like how U.S. News & World Report ranked Denver the #1 place to live in 2016 and Forbes ranked Denver as the #1 place for business and careers in 2015.


Make Yourself at Home

Find Help Setting up Shop at Regis

Moving is exciting. But it’s also stressful. Fear not, there are plenty of ways to find the best option for the house, apartment or condo that you’ll call “home” while studying at Regis. Regis can help you with the resources you need for whatever your housing needs may be. Explore off-campus housing options here.

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Regis Campus

Saddle up for Life as a Ranger

Become an Important Part of the Regis Community

We want you to make the most of your experience as part of our dynamic community. From concerts, to sports, to our vibrant arts and culture scene and more, there are so many ways to make your time here truly memorable. Also check out the University Services & Offices.  You’ll find links to the Library, Bookstore, Fitness Center, Health Services, Academic Records and Registration and more.


A to B, Easy as 123

Get to Know your Public Transportation Options

Transportation in the Mile High City is easy, inexpensive and convenient. What else could you ask for? You can get almost anywhere by rail or bus—often faster than you could in a car. Check out some info and tips as you set out to explore your new stomping grounds.

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It’s Go Time

July: Check Your Class Schedule (You’re Pre-Registered)

We know you have a lot on your plate—which is why we’ll take care of getting you registered for classes! No need to worry that you missed something or registered for the wrong class, it’s all on us. You’ll be assigned an academic advisor in July. They will reach out to speak with you before you begin classes.


Let’s Get Literal

Time to Buy your Books

Hope you’re ready to fill your backpack. Textbooks are available one month before class begins. You can purchase—or rent—paperback and digital texts right through the Regis Bookstore. Your custom book lists can be found in WebAdvisor. To get your books, follow these instructions.

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Computer Requirements and Dress Code

July – August: Finalize these Details Before Classes Start

No frills here, just a simple checklist of all the last-minute things you’ll need to do before classes begin. Shall we? Click here to review the checklist.


Tire, Meet Asphalt

August: Attend Orientation

You’re nearly on your way to life as a Pharmacist – very few people make it this far. We won’t blame you if you show up to orientation with a wider smile than usual. You’ll spend two days soaking up some last-minute reminders, meeting future classmates and preparing for the next phase of your life. Orientation typically occurs the week before classes start, so be on the lookout for more information from your Admissions Counselor.

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Three Reasons to Earn
Your White Coat Here



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